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What we do

We will work with you to consider if employee ownership is an appropriate structure for your partial or full sale of the shares in your company. There are a range of elements to consider, including:

  • Value – how will you achieve the best value for your shares; the significance of this factor might influence your decision on whether an EOT is suitable for you.
  • Legacy – often a key driver in deciding that an EOT is the right option, retaining the name, the culture, and the continuity of a business, can be supported by an EOT.
  • People – It’s crucial to grasp the employee group’s expectations and confirm that an EOT aligns with them. Making the right choice can be the most rewarding part of the process, acknowledging employees for their role in growing your business.
  • Confidentiality – completing a transaction with an EOT ensures details of the business are retained within the employee group and not shared with other businesses, including potentially competitors.
  • Control and timing – driving an EOT transaction gives founders significant control of their exit, including the timing.
What we do

Once you have concluded that an EOT is the way forward we will manage the process from start to finish. We will introduce other professionals where appropriate, such as business valuers and solicitors. We will support you through all legal elements of the transaction.

We have completed EO transactions across all sectors, including manufacturing, construction, consulting, distribution and professional services. Transaction values have varied significantly from sub £1M to £15M, with a handful of employees to 120 employees. In every transaction we handle, we oversee the entire process from the first consultation to legal completion.

Click through a few of our clients comments on our service:

“The vector team guided us from the initial thoughts about our succession strategy through our evolution to an employee owned business. Their team and the other advisors they introduced ensured the process was managed effectively and delivered for all stakeholders and most importantly employees. We would highly recommend vector if you are considering your exit to employee ownership.”

Ashley Ward – Warwick Ward

“We were introduced to the team at Vector by a mutual connection as we were exploring the option of evolving our business to an EOT. From the outset, the team provided open and honest advice setting out the stages of an EOT and explaining what needed to be considered specifically for our Company.

They supported us in our communication with the employees to ensure that everyone was aware of the process and what it meant for them.

The Vector team were approachable, supportive and reassuring at all stages making the evolution to an EOT as stress-free as possible.”

Chris Lister – GB Construction Supplies Ltd

“For the past several years, succession’s been a thorny issue for me. How to preserve 37 years of hard work for the future, ensure a good return for our life’s work and, reward the team which helped me through my career? Vector were instrumental in my decision to take the EO route.  EO transition’s a complex process, requiring specialist expertise. Of course, Vector are knowledgeable, qualified, and professional. Moreover, they are personable, and clearly dedicated to the care and success of their clients. They listen, they empathise, and use their prodigious talents to make it so.

Thank you Vector – Chris and Sam, we couldn’t have done this without you guys!”

Bryan Hindle – Bricktie

Our Brand Values



We provide the right solutions and advice with unfiltered honesty. No fancy jargon or hidden agendas, just straight talking.


We know our stuff and apply our knowledge to get the best outcome.


We are quick to learn and stay ahead of the curve.


We are confident in the service we provide and courageous in our delivery.


We put your interests front and centre, your success is our success. We will champion your outcomes every step of the way.